Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Planner Addict Photo Challenge Part 2

Although I'm positive that several of my friends now think I'm crazy, I'm still having fun with the Instagram challenge (#planneraddictsphotochallenge1) that I'm participating in.  I seriously had no idea how many people shared my planner/list/cute calendar obsession.  I'm getting a lot of organizing inspiration over on my Instagram feed.    Here's an update on my challenge posts in case you care and aren't following on Instagram...
Day 10:  Lists...can't live without my To Do list in my work planner

Day 11:  Sections...again this is my work planner.  Can't live without it.

Day 12:  Month at a Glance...I don't really use the Month pages but they still have to look pretty.

Day 13: Selfie with Planner...I'm not into selfies.  Just can't do it.

Day 14:  Stuffed Full...not really.  I'm still working on building the perfect planner so I just have September in here right now.

Day 15:  Leaning Tower of Planners...I've started saving them...they are like journals.
Day 16:  Supplies...a few of my must haves.

There you go.  I may be crazy but I'm organized (on paper.)

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