Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I am the mom of a teenager

Words can't do my feelings justice today.  I am big time blessed to be this boy's momma.  He is every good adjective rolled into one perfect gift from God.  Sure, he fights with his brother and sister and he may have rolled his eyes at me once or twice but for the most part this boy is golden.  And now he's 13.  My baby boy is 13.  How can that be?!
Happy Birthday to my sweet and sensitive, deep thinking, walking talking dictionary, faster than a speeding bullet running, prankster pulling, "do you need help with that" asking,  xbox playing, steadfastly praying, Bible thumping, early to bed/early to rise like his daddy, blue eyed, beautiful inside and out, determined as can be, "I will change the world someday," baby boy! I LOVE YOU, GDog!

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