Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thankful Thursday


A friend posted her "Thankful Thursday" list last week on Facebook and I just loved it!  I think I might make this a regular Thursday thing.  I would love it if you would leave some of your Thankful Thursdays in the comments.  Not every week, but at random, I will pick a WINNER and give a personalized PLATTER to one of the commenters!!  Let's count our blessings!!!

Today I am thankful for:
  • Lemons...because I can't drink water without them.
  • Workout buddies...because they make exercising go by so much faster!
  • Jars of sequins on my work table...because they just make me smile.
  • Chore charts...because they keep my life sane and keep my kids busy :)
  • Friends that say "what can I pray about for you today?"...because friends like these are one in a million!
What are you thankful for?  Leave at least one thing in the comments and I might pick a winner!!

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  1. Sweet post! What a great idea to be reminded of all the things we are thankful for. Today I am thankful for my health - I'm day three into being sick and feeling better. I am not myself if I can not provide and take care of my family. Thankful for my other half who steps in and takes over all my duties.
    Have a blessed day! Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. Love this idea. Thankful for: neighbors who step in a moments notice, a husband who recognizes a job that needs to be done & quietly steps in to do it, Sharpie markers to keep me organized, Downy Un-stoppables in my laundry---they make the whole house smell like I've been cleaning all day.

  3. Great idea! :) First off I am thankful for my family and wonderful friends to get me through life's journey. I am thankful that my son is finally getting more independent, he broke his leg, lemon pledge bc it makes everything smell better, QT ice tea's bc I am not a morning person, clean crisp bedding and my workout peeps bc they know I need to release my stress. Thank you for reminding me to what I have! :)

  4. thankful for... my family and friends that helped me look all day yesterday for my lost dog. Very thankful that we found him last night :) it makes for a very good Friday!


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