Friday, January 3, 2014

The Resolutions

Here they are...because I'm more likely to stick to them if I post them on the Internet, right?
1.  In 2014, I will finish reading through the Bible! 
2.  I'm working on PEACE in 2014 and my family each has their own Fruit of the Spirit to work on.
3.  I'm hoping this is the year I find balance between work and home.  I struggled in 2013 with finding joy in work.  I felt like it consumed my time and took me away from family and friends more than it should have.  In 2014, I am striving for some sort of balance.
4.  I'm horrible about sending thank you cards and birthday cards and this year I plan to work on that.  I'm even planning on throwing in some just because mail because who doesn't like to get snail mail??
5.  The Lord is my Shepherd...I have ALL that I need.  I'm going to repeat this to myself all year long.
6.  This one is always on the list.  My resolution list would be lost without it.  We have some home improvements that really need to get taken care of this year so I'm going to be a penny pincher and try to make it happen.
7.  This goes along with the money thing but it also means we sit down as a family each day and I love that. 
HAPPY 2014!

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