Monday, January 13, 2014

Getting Ready for Happy Heart Day!

***forgive the photo quality.  having trouble with my camera so I had to use my phone for pics
I'm so excited about the new Valentine's that were just added to the shop!
I wanted to give people the option of adding trinkets, candy, or more to their Valentine's Day Cards this year.  I decided to go with these square cards in a flat clear sealable bag. 
 I love the look and am so excited about all the possibilities!  You can add candy, CONFETTI, small toys, erasers, action figures...whatever your HEART desires!  AND they still look SUPER CUTE with just the cards in the sealed bag!
Each order come with 8 almost 4 x 4 cards and 8 sealable bags
I'm so loving the confetti!
I'm also still loving the mini candy bars!  These are always a big seller and you can't go wrong with chocolate!

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