Wednesday, January 1, 2014


The week between Christmas and New Year's Day has always been my favorite.  I love fresh starts, clean slates, resolutions and new calendars!!  I love the cleaning, organizing, purging frenzy that seems to always take over my brain during that week.  Unfortunately, I spent pretty much the entire past week in bed with the flu so I'm a little behind on my organizing but I've had plenty of time to jot out some resolutions for 2014 while I've been lounging by the fire.

First on the list is a little Fruits of the Spirit Project.  A few weeks ago, I had a great conversation with my kids about the fruits of the Spirit.  We were talking about what each one really meant and decided to each pick one to work on for 2014.  The kicker was that we let the family pick the one that they felt each of us should work on.  It was interesting and eye opening and pretty cool. 

We chose JOY for Graham.  Graham is a happy kid....but pretty serious...and I'd love to see him loosen up a bit this year and show some JOY.  God has blessed him in so many ways and I pray that his JOY in the Lord will be evident this year.  
PEACE is for me.  I tend to be anxious....about everything...when I should be anxious for nothing and put my trust in God's plan and have PEACE that HE is in control.  I am working hard to let God lead and have PEACE in His direction. 
Nathan's is PATIENCE.  That's his story to tell but let's just say he has 3 littles that like to test him daily, so I'm not blaming him for any lack of patience that he may, or may not, have. 
KINDNESS was chosen for Nora.  She is 10 going on 16 and has 2 brothers that love to push her buttons.  This will be a great test for Nora.  I'm praying kindness over my girl and can't wait to see how this fruit of the Spirit is shown through her this year. 
We unanimously chose SELF-CONTROL for Charlie.  He's 7.   He's a boy.  Enough said.  I am trusting that this fruit of the Spirit will start to show itself in Charlie this year.  
I'm so excited about this little Fruit of the Spirit project for my family this year.   How about you?  Which fruits do you hope to see grow in your family this year? 
I've got several more resolutions for 2014....I'll save them for another post...
HAPPY 2014!!!

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