Sunday, January 1, 2012


Or-gan-ized [awr-guh-nahyzd]
orderly and efficient

I like the sound of that!  I have declared 2012 as the year to get organized.  Truly, seriously, honestly organized.  I've repeated the word a million times over the past few days to my family...I've written it in big letters on the chalkboard and I've succeeded in getting one of my kids to memorize our family Bible verse for the year: 

"But everything should be done in a fitting and orderly manner."  1 Corinthians 14:40

In the actual verse it is speaking of preparing an army for battle but I'm making it work..same thing, right?  I'm preparing my littles for life. 

Strep throat kept us from our New Year's plans with friends so instead we stayed home and got an early start to our new and improved organized 2012.  We did stop for pizza, a game or two, too much candy, a dance party and Diet Dr. Pepper out of Waterford cyrstal that made it's first debut out of the wedding gift box it came in.  We had a great family night but it did involve some major cleaning.  We continued all day today and I've lost count of the bags.  We've got LOTS of trash, an unbelievable amount of shredded paperwork (years of saving too much unnecessary stuff), so much stuff to donate and I'm still debating the JBF consignment sale.  We've made our way completely though 2 of the kids rooms, the paperwork files and the living room.  I've got a long way to go! 

I've really, really, really enjoyed my time away from work and email and website updates.  I had planned to get back to work tomorrow but due to lack of ORGANIZATION I didn't have noted in my calendar that my kids don't go back to school until Tuesday.  I have to say I'm thrilled to have one more day with my family.  We've watched movies together, played boardgames, read together and just really enjoyed each other.  I've got some fun PaperDoll things coming up this year but honestly, I'm just not feeling it right now.  Maybe once the kids are back in school I will get back into a groove.  If you have an order placed, don't worry...I won't be slacking off much longer.  I'll send out proofs tomorrow night (most likely) and will start rolling out orders on Tuesday.

Happy New Year!!!
Did you make a resolution for 2012???

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