Monday, January 9, 2012

Looking back...and forward.

I confess, my heart hasn't been in it lately.  PaperDoll has been sooooo on the back burner.  I just haven't wanted to come back into my office.  My Christmas break didn't end up starting until just a day or two before Christmas so I really felt like I needed more time.  I'm starting to get back into the groove though and am finally starting to get excited about some PaperDoll stuff that will be happening this year.

-We have been cleaning like crazy around here.  Organizing.  I'm a tad bit obsessed about it.  Before the year is over (long before) I plan to have an insanely organized house.  Yesterday we were cleaning out the linen closet.  For some reason, we found some PaperDoll paperwork from 2004.  Nathan and I just laughed and then stood in awe of God's blessings.  This little mommy owned, 1 woman shop, part-time in the beginning business has increased more than 10 fold since 2004.  We laughed because in the beginning I thought I was so busy.  We had no idea... Soon my awesome CPA dad is going to upgrade my accounting software.  I'm hoping it makes my life easier come tax time each month.

-When I first opened up shop in 2003 I did all my work on my kitchen counter.  After about a year of that I moved into the playroom and shared a space with the kids.  We moved and I finally got my own office.  Charlie came along and I got kicked out of my office.  I took over the formal living room and I actually think that was my favorite space.  I had a big wall of windows for great light and because people could see it, I was forced to keep it clean.  We moved again.  I got my own office back and it's the biggest space I've ever had.  Even so, I outgrew it fast and put an armoir in the hall outside my office.  Outgrew that.  I put a cabinet down the hall.  Outgrew that.  We have a HUGE closet in the hall that is so big the kids have used it as their "playroom" or place to store toys.  I had a small shelf for some of my inventory.  Yesterday I kicked the kids out and took the whole space over.  SO EXCITED to be able to organize everything and see it all.  I'm also anxiously awaiting Wednesday when a carpenter is coming to install a HUGE workspace for me in my office.  I'm hoping and praying it will make things much more functional in this crowded space.  I CANNOT WAIT!!  I think it will be the kickstart I need to get my heart back in it.  :)  Don't you?

-New and improved clipboards are here!  They are printed to the edge, high quality and super cute!  I'm so excited about improving some of my products and adding some new ones in 2012.

-I'm kinda, sorta, maybe contemplating doing some open houses here at my home this year.  I know some people would just rather come by and actually see the products and ask questions.  Debating this...

Happy 2012!!!  It's going to be a great year!!

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  1. You deserve that space friend! ;-)
    Yes 2 Open Houses!! Would love to see all your pretties in person.


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