Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We had a birthday party and I never even blogged about it!!!

I can't believe I never mentioned it in advance but we had a Birthday Party on Sunday!! Graham's birthday is on September 4th and two of his best friends (twins) have a birthday in July so we decided to do a joint swimming party. It's the big number 10 so I knew they were too old for cutesy and my friend and co-host said she wanted a laid back not a lot of prep work party. It practically killed me to not go overboard but I think I contained myself pretty well.

I might have jumped up and down and screamed a little bit after I picked up the cupcakes. They were EXACTLY what I wanted and tasted yummy too. I ordered them from Simply Sweet by Carlene. I misplaced her card with her website but as soon as I figure it out I will come back and link her up here.The party favors were diet coke 2-liters with a geyser tube and a pack of Mentos. The diet coke "explodes" when you drop the Mentos in. If you watch Myth Busters, you know what I'm talking about. Super fun party favor for 10 year old boys!!!

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  1. I LOVE Carlene!! Aren't her cupcakes super tasty? Not only is she a great baker, she was one of my favorite homeroom moms E.V.E.R!! Fun party favors!! You are so creative!


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