Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sticky Teacher Gifts

Call me crazy but I've been wanting to put a label on a glue stick for months now. It's true. These are the things I think about at night. Back to school gave me the perfect excuse for trying out my glue stick idea. I'm loving it. All my kids teachers are getting them for back to school gifts. I feel like I should send a gift for sure this year...the first year ever that I will have days to myself...all day...by myself....without any kids...all by myself...alone...without small people...in 10 years. I'm not excited or anything. I love my babies of course but the idea of possibly working during the day and not staying up all night has me a little wee bit excited. I feel like I need to send a THANK YOU FOR TEACHING MY CHILDREN WHILE I REGAIN MY SANITY AFTER HOMESCHOOLING FOR A YEAR gift. So here it is: personalized glue sticks.
I packaged them in a jar and stuck a sticker on top.
They make me happy!
p.s. Despite my enthusiasm for a few days to myself, I will miss my kids this year. I've gotten used to having them home and I'm a tiny bit sad that someone else will be spending more time with them than I will. I stand by my belief that homeschooling is an awesome choice educationally speaking but we are super excited to return to school with our friends and we are so happy about our awesome teachers this year. It's going to be a great year!!!
p.p.s. Do you want some glue sticks for your teachers? $9 for a dozen...jar not included.


  1. Are the jars not included b/c they are still sitting on my dining room table??? I promise they are coming back!

  2. cute...but what about those darling curtains in the background? how 'bout a damn house tour lady?

  3. Adorable idea! Love it! I know you'll miss your kiddos! (we homeschool) BUT you will definitely have more time to devote to your creativity! That's the part I had to cut back on :-( Can't do it all, right!
    ps. I agree with Ashley! Love the peeks and glimpses we see of your house!


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