Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

Today was the first day of school. That might have been me you saw skipping to my car in the school parking lot!! I only shed a tear or two and they were happy tears. I always cry during the first chapel. Nathan laughs at me and I sit there and cry. An auditorium full of little kids singing praise and worship songs gets me every time.
So far I have done a happy dance in the hallway of the school, had a lunch date with my hubby, stopped at my favorite Fiesta Mart for a diet D.P., gone to the store to buy socks for every little foot in this house because we had a sock meltdown this morning, run to the library to check out some books for my reading machine Graham, filled 4 orders, downloaded all the pictures I forced my children to smile for today and I still have time left. Today is a short day so I can't imagine what a real day is going to feel like. This is crazy!! I might go to bed before 3 am sometime this year!!!
I keep wondering what the kids are doing and worrying a little about Charlie but I know they are in good hands...
I'm off to do another happy dance!!

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