Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Busy Bee

I've been so thankful for all the orders this Back to School season! I'm trying hard to keep up and definitely taking the full 7-10 days to fill orders. If you ordered a plate, platter or tray please be patient. They are running the full two weeks too! I hope to get mostly caught up by the weekend. I'm super excited about some new products that I'll be carrying soon!! Can't wait to get the details sorted so I can share with you!!!

rugby and hippie chick lunchboxes

hippie chic snack cup

Spring Gum Drops Snack Cup

blossom pink mini bag tag with bow

Green & Pink Dot Dot Darcy Bag Tag with Bow
Pink, Red & White Bubbles
Floral Dot Bag Tag with Bow
Zebra Ribbon Mini with Bow
Fleur-de-lys hand sanitizer
Brick Red Zebra Cheer Sports Bottle
Zebra Red/Blue Cheer Sports Bottle
Popsicle Invitations
Thank You cards to go with them...
and favor cards...
and H2O labels!!
Powder Puff Sports Bottle
Swim Party Invitations
Bubble Gum Bags to go with them!

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