Sunday, February 21, 2010

You'll like this post, Megan

My friend Megan loved the Coach purse story so this post is for her...

Last night The Baker and I went on a date...a rare but fabulous event!!! We went to Bone Fish, our new favorite place. It's YUMMY!!! It was very crowded so we ended up sitting at the long skinny bar tables in the bar. You end up sitting pretty close to stranger since it's just one long table. When we sat down we couldn't help but overhear the conversation going on next to us. A couple in their sixties or so was sitting directly across from a young couple in their early twenties. The older couple was obviously sharing their faith with the younger couple. They told them how much their church meant to them and that throughout their lives no matter what hardships they had faced they had never doubted their faith in God. The younger couple just sat and listened and I couldn't tell what they were thinking. The older couple left first and about 10 minutes later the younger couple asked for their check. The waiter said it had already been taken care of by the couple that had just left...tip and all. You could tell that they were thrilled and surprised and grateful. I loved it because even if the twenty-somethings were thinking "those Christians are crazy!" at least now they are thinking "those crazy Christians sure are nice." Nathan and I talked about it for a long time. Just like in the Coach Purse story, rather than being envious of the couple with the free dinner, we decided to strive to be like the guy who paid the bill. Don't you want to go around handing out Coach purses and free dinners???

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