Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FAQs...round 2

I've decided to repost the Frequently Asked Questions (with a few additions) because...well, it had to be done. Understand that even if you have asked these questions I still love you and think you are awesome. I will take your order even if you ask these questions but it's a good idea to read through these first if you are uncertain about something. Please know that I typed these with a smile (sort-0f) and that I love doing what I do.

Q. I just can’t decide which design to order! Can you send me a proof of about 6 different designs all with different fonts so I can decide?
A. While I am so glad that you like so many of my designs, I won’t be able to do that. It’s pretty time consuming to set up each proof. I don’t mind occasionally sending two or three samples but please try to make your decision (or really narrow it down) before placing your order. Thanks!

Q. I like the invitation proof that you sent and now I’ve decided to just send it out via email instead of ordering invitations. Is that okay with you?
A. With a $25 minimum order of the invitation I will be happy to remove the watermark on your proof so you can send it out by email. However, if your order is below $25 or if you are not going to be ordering any paper invitations at all there is a $15 design fee.

Q. Will you please remove the cross and Bible verse on the back of your note cards before you print mine?
A. To some this may sound silly but I truly believe that PaperDoll Designs is one of my purposes in life and that God blessed me with the talents that have allowed my business to be successful. I decided from the very beginning to put the cross and Bible verse on my note cards as a way to honor Him and while I understand that we all come from different backgrounds it is my decision to keep my faith intertwined with my business.

Q. Can I purchase your products at wholesale?
A. Thank you so much for asking. I have done wholesale in the past and have decided that it is not the best situation for me. Begging most likely will not change my mind.

Q. I know that it typically takes 7 - 10 days for you to process an order but I really need some invitations tomorrow. Can you do that?
A. Depending on my schedule I may be able to accommodate rush requests for a $10 rush fee. This works on a case by case basis and you should email me to find out. If I have three healthy children, my husband is not out of town and I have nothing going on that day I’m sure I can get it done. Not a likely story, but go ahead and try.

Q. I need a plate and I need it this weekend. Is it possible?
A. Oh how I wish it were. But it isn't. Always allow at least 2 weeks for melamine products. They are shipped from out of state and I can not control their time line.

Q. OOPS! My check bounced! I'll just write you another, okay?
A. I understand. Balancing checkbooks does not fall within your area of expertise and that is fine. It happens and I feel your pain. However, I just paid a big fee to my bank when that check bounced and someone has got to make it right. I think that someone should be you. I'll take cash this time and a $15 bounced check fee...thank you! I still love you.

Q. I live out of town and would like you to ship my order. Can you go ahead and ship it and I will pay you later?
A. I’m very sorry but due to a few “nonpayers” in the past, I have become very strict on this policy. I will only ship product AFTER I have received payment. You may mail payment or pay quickly through Pay Pal.

Q. I came by to pick up my items and forgot to bring my money. I'm just going to take it and I'll mail you a check soon. How do you feel about that??
A. I don't feel good about that. While I know you have good intentions, 9 times out of 10 I end up having to email reminders and sometimes it takes me months to collect payment. Sometimes in these situations I never collect payment. Please understand that I think you're awesome but I would rather you pay before taking your items.

Q. My dog chewed up my note cards. I ran over my daughter’s sippy cup. My husband washed the insert to my water bottle. My two year old jumped up and down repeatedly on her lunchbox. I left my chocolate candy in the car and it melted. I spelled the teacher’s name wrong when I placed her note pad order. Can you replace it at no charge?
A. Ummm….NO.
However, If my dog chews up your note cards or I run over your daughter’s sippy cup or my husband washes your insert or my two year old jumps up and down repeatedly on your lunchbox or I leave your candy in my car and it melts or I spell a name wrong then I will gladly replace your item at no charge. Unless it was my fault personalized items are non returnable, not refundable.

Q. I ordered some things from you recently. I told you I was in a hurry so you rushed really fast to get them done. Now I’m feeling like I just don’t want to drive over there and pick them up. My life is really busy. Thanks for your time but I won’t be coming by. Are you mad?
A. Yeah. I am. And I won’t forget your name.

Q. Can you give me a better pricing deal?
A. I spend a lot of time agonizing over pricing. I feel like I have set fair prices for my products. If I were to sit down and actually figure out what my hourly wage is, I’m sure I would cry. I spend a ton of time setting up proofs and responding to emails just to make sure your product turns out the way you want it and some of that time should be built in to my product pricing but it usually isn’t. So for the most part my prices are definite. If you are ordering a large quantity of certain items there may be a price break but you will just have to email about your specific case. And asking nicely always helps.

Q. Are you hiring?
A. Maybe. Are you interested? Can you tie bows? Do you like to do the same thing over and over? Some days I think I need help. Some days I don’t. Send me an email and maybe someday I’ll make up my mind and we can talk.

Q. Is The Baker really a baker??
A. No. The Baker is not really a baker by profession. He just has a sweet tooth and figured out quickly that his wife can’t bake so he took it upon himself to learn how to use the oven.

Q. Can I just tell you what I want when I run into you at the grocery store?
A. Chances are that between the time you tell me and I make it back to the PaperDoll Studio I will have watched a dance lesson, broken up a brother/sister fight, read a few Fancy Nancy books and constructed a life size spaceship out of legos. I cannot be held liable if my memory fails me. Please Email your order or order through the website.

Q. I am not a computer person. Can I call you and tell you what I want?
A. While I claim to be organized, the scrap piece of paper that I write your order on has no chance around this house. More importantly, I would prefer to have the spelling typed out by YOU so if there is an error we can figure out who to blame. To tell you the truth, we rarely hear the phone over the barking dogs and blaring Noggin. Please EMAIL or order through the website!

Q. Can you split note pad orders?
A. Yes. As long as you pick the same design I will be happy to put different names on each note pad.

Q. I'm not picky. Will you just pick a design for me and the font too?
A. I get this A LOT and here is what happens. I spend the next 45 minutes staring at my computer wondering if you like pink. Do you you hate pink? Are you girly? Are you hip and modern? Do you really hate pink? How could anyone hate pink? Maybe she hates pink! Does she hate blue? Are you fancy? Are you simple? I can't make a decision to save my own life SO unless you really absolutely positively 100% for sure don't care PLEASE don't make me pick. And if you do make me pick be aware that we stick to the "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit" rule in those cases.

Q. Last week I ordered a placemat and this week they are on sale. Can I get a price change?

A. I love how they do that at Target. Cool, huh? Unfortunately, I don't do that.

Q. I emailed you exactly one hour ago and I still have not heard back. Should I panic?
A. I very rarely work during the day. I am a stay at home Mommy first and the PaperDoll second. I do the majority of my work when the little darlings are fast asleep. Expect my reply at roughly 2 am. Allow up to 24 hours (Monday - Friday) for my response and then start panicking. Send me another email and if I don't get right back to you please file a missing persons report. It would be VERY unlike me to ignore an email. Please keep in mind that I sometimes take weekends off.

Q. I know you have a fancy smancy website now but can I still email my order?

A. Yes, you may and I will gladly accept it. Sometimes there will be specials that are for web orders only though. Don't hate the website. It makes the ordering process easy peasy.

If you have a question that you think needs to make the list please send it my way. Thanks!

© 2010 paperdoll designs


  1. I LOVE it! People.....! I hope you had a fantastic Valentine's with your hunny!

  2. Great!!!

    Plus I wish I lived closer so that you could hire me!!! :)

  3. I am still in shock that you have to say any of that. AND, I KNEW I should have paid you for my mis-spelling error on the pencil cup!

  4. Sometimes I make exceptions for loyal, devoted, frequent customers :)

    I'm not trying to be mean...I'm just sarcastic that way.

  5. Karen!!! Thanks for sharing your real thoughts. I am amazed and shocked at some of those. Everything you do is absolutely fantastic. Thanks for everything you have made for us. Have a great week!

  6. Great! I cracked up just imagining you saying all of these....

    And how sad that you have had to answer these questions!

    Most of all, I do pray that you receive extra blessings for your commitment to your faith.

    Over the years working with my dad, I have watched him turn away business to stand up for his faith....and it's inspiring.

    So proud of you....

  7. hey now! i know i DID run over caroline's sippy cup...i'm still in therapy because of it!!! this was a very funny post. lotta crazies out there karen...not that i'd know any...but i hear there are some. beware.

  8. I knew you could handle it Ashley! You know I love you!

  9. Ok, that was really funny and I read most of that post with my jaw dropped! People can be amazing, huh?

  10. You are cracking me up! Too bad that all of these resulted from actual situations. People are amazing!

  11. That was hi-larious! I'm so glad I'm not the only sarcastic person left in the world! Too funny!

  12. Karen...this was hilarious and I certainly can empathize with you on all of that! I was laughing at every one of those. Your new fridge calendars are precious! You truly are talented and good for you for not deleting the cross and verse! People kill me. This is YOUR business. (: Keep up the good work and entertaining!


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