Thursday, February 18, 2010

PaperDoll Pics

Nora wanted a little something extra to give her sweet friend for her birthday tomorrow. We came up with this...
a cute little white popcorn box filled with personalized chocolate bars all tied up with a bow. I think it would make a great "Get Well" or "Congratulations" gift too!
Hepburn Brown & Tan Platter
Black Damask Red Platter
Hepburn Black & Red Platter
Domino Orange Platter
Domino Red Platter
Cupcake Mommy Note Pads
MORE Cupcake Mommy Note Pads!!
Tickled Sew Pink Clipboard

© 2009 paperdoll designs


  1. I LOVE THE POPCORN BOX!!! AWESOME!! I need to remember that ..where did you gt the box??

  2. this is how i find out lindsey has another baby!!! OMG!!! how funny....i love the popcorn box too!!! LOVE IT!!


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