Monday, January 25, 2010

What's your Coach purse?

Something happened the other day that really got me thinking. I haven't been able to get it off my mind. I was at Hobby Lobby and the girl checking me out was over the top HAPPY. She started telling me that a woman had just gone through her lane and given her a Coach purse. She showed it to me. It was cute. It was real. The check out girl said she told a woman in her lane that she loved her purse. Later that day the woman came back into the store and handed it to her and simply said "it's yours" and left. It really made me think. Although I LOVE purses and it might be nice to get a free pretty purse, I wanted to be the girl that gave her Coach purse away. I may not be able to start passing out expensive purses to strangers but if I make a conscious effort, I'm sure there are other ways that I can give. I just need to figure out what my "Coach purses" are and start giving them away!

Carri - Thank you for the "J!" I'll be posting pictures of it soon. Jamie - Thank you for the yummy pecans. Jana - a Sonic drink is a great way to start the day!! Thank you!! You girls already have the "Coach purse" thing down. YOU ARE FABULOUS!!!

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  1. That is so sweet and I am sad that I don't do things like that. I need to work on it. I am not surprised that you want to do it. You are becomming a very Godly person. I am proud.

  2. Dear Karen,
    I really like your black and white curtains in your dining room.

  3. WOW!!!
    I carry a Vera Bradley Backpack ... the same one for the past 3 year! I hate carrying a purse and like to have my hands free .. must explain why I carried a backpack diaper bag as well!!!! Wish Iwas a cute purse toting kind of gal ... I guess I would rather spend that money on something else .. like fabric!

  4. Love that story! I have had this on my heart lately too! Giving is just good for the soul! Speaking of, that just reminded me I never did my "Pay It Forward" I posted about last year. OOPS....I'll get on it now! ;) Thank you for reminding us of the goodness of giving to others!

  5. A couple of years ago, I had this super-cute, large bright green bag that was so FUN! Everywhere I went, people always commented on how cute it was. One day, we were at Tin Star with some friends, when someone said they loved it. So, I dumped everything from it into a Target sack and gave it to her! Not because I was trying to be all super nice, mainly because I hated it. It was kind of a hobo style and everything fell into one giant pile in the bottom. (. . and it wasn't a Coach) I may need to check the condition of my heart and start giving for the right reasons!! What a GREAT reminder. Thanks Karen!

  6. What an awesome story! I had someone tip me $100 when I was at my first job in high school...I will always remember that his generosity wasn't necessarily about the money- but about compassion.

    New Years 2009 I made a resolution that I would do a good deed on a weekly basis for someone, anyone. I prayed for opportunities - and amazingly, over a year later- I am still keeping that resolution and opportunities usually come up several times a week to serve one another. SOmetimes it has been to babysit for a friend, like paying for a drink for the gal behind me at starbucks, other times it was helping an elderly lady unload her groceries from her cart into her car at walmart...the opportunities are all around you and they aren't always pricey or time consuming but I know that when other people have reached out to me, in large or small ways, I have felt blessed.


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