Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today my rowdy, crazy, loud and mischievous three year old crawled up into my lap and fell fast asleep. Even though I had a million things that needed to be done, I didn't dare move. I stayed still and enjoyed it because I couldn't remember the last time he had done such a thing and I worried that he might never do it again. He's as sweet as can be (when he wants to be) but keeping him still is next to impossible. It was a great afternoon even if I didn't check anything off of my to do list. A napping "baby" and a cozy fire is some kind of wonderful.
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  1. I love it when that happens! We went to Kathleen's today and when we passed 84th, Kylan goes "There's Charlie's neighborhood. I haven't seen him in a long time." Is it sad when your 3 year old can tell you where to turn to pick up Paperdoll goodies? :) Not as long as the hubby doesn't find out! J/K

  2. Where is the sleeping picture?


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