Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Tea Party

Nora's 6th Birthday Party was so fun! Even though this was her year to have a big party (we do every other year birthday parties) she really wanted a tiny tea party and decided to keep it simple and only invite the 6 girls from her class. I didn't complain because fewer girls meant I could do my thing without breaking the bank. This party really turned out to be quite thrifty. The decorations turned out so cute in fact that I still haven't taken them down. Our dining room is still filled with flowers and paper lanterns!
The Birthday Girl and her doll...found these dresses at Marshall's for a great price!
The Party Room...I took all the paper lanterns that I used to make Charlie's giant candy pieces for the Candy Land Party and tied ribbon to them to cuten 'em up and then made giant paper flowers to hang from the ceiling. The lanterns were only a $1 each and I got to use them for both parties! I used a pink sheet and a glittery plastic tablecloth for the table.
The Princess's Chair...I used the pillow case that matched the "tablecloth" as a slip cover for the chair and tied it up with a bow.
I found tiny plastic teacups at Hobby Lobby and tied ribbon on the handles. The cups of "pink diamonds" was one of the biggest hits at the party. I found them at Wal-Mart for a few dollars.
Here is the fabulous crown that Nora's teacher made her last year for her birthday. It was perfect for our fancy table.
The Baker made mini bundt cakes and I decorated them with pink frosting and pink sparkly sprinkles.
The napkin rings were diamond rings that I picked up somewhere in the party favor section.
fruit kabobs on wands...

After the tea party we decorated outfits for their dolls. I bought plain outfits at Michael's and then lots of iron on flowers and butterflies. Nana was on hand to do the ironing once the girls had laid out all their decorations.The pink tree all dolled up...
A few of our guests
The Goodie Bags...topped off with super cute initial flower clippies made by Lollielicious, of course.
little doll hangers tied with ribbon, lip balm and chocolate candies

It was such a great party. There was also a little "Doll Salon" for doing their hair and then the dolls had a tea party of their own. It was the most fun!!!

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  1. Oh, how CUTE!! What a great party!
    Hope Nora had a great day!

  2. Please have another little girl so Kynlee and her can have American Girl parties!! :) That made me wish I was 6 again!! LOVE IT! I actually got to see your sweet Nora at Kylan's school Friday. Loved her dress by the way! She is so beautiful!

  3. CAPTIAL OMG! Karen, the party turned out so stinking cute! It looks like the girls had a great time! Ok, love the matching outfits, table setting so picture perfect, mini bundt cakes look so yummy, great idea on the outfits for the american girl dolls, and lastly not that I'm bias but awesome party favors. hee hee =)
    will nora be my friend so I can come to her next birthday party? hee hee j/k =)Love it all!!

  4. AWESOME!!!!!!! Will you plan my next party???? That was just great!!!! :) I wish I had been there! :)

  5. Heavens to Betsy! my favorite was the shoe tree but I loved everything!

  6. Okay seriously, I think you should be a party planner! Where do you come up with these great ideas? Your creativity is amazing!

    I have got to rememeber some of this stuff (well, the boy's parties at least!)

  7. oh girl...i just had a cuteness help me plan a chocolate party for my two-year-old...i'm using pink and brown as my only....HELP ME!!!

  8. What a cute, cute party! I am sure the girls loved it!


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