Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Nora Claire!

My beautiful baby girl is 6 today! SIX!!! I really can't believe it. It's definitely true though. She's been reminding us that today was HER day for months now. We've been counting down and talking about this very important birthday for quite some time. It's a big deal to be turning 6! It's an event that in her opinion requires multiple celebrations and lots of extra special attention. It's huge.
Look at that face! Look at those huge brown eyes! Look at those sweet curls that she will one day curse. She will...I speak from experience. I love this girl. Happy Birthday Shoogie!

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  1. Happy Birthday Nora!!!!!! May you day be beautiful and full of magic!!

    The pictures are amazing of her ... LOVE IT!!! Kiss her once, twice, three times for us in NC!!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday sweet baby girl! You are growing up so fast. Stop it!
    I love you more than purses and I am so proud of you. Remember our pedicure date.

  3. Happy Birthday Nora!!!! Today is my baby girl's 8th birthday, it is frightening how much in common we have! May it be a blessed day! With lots of birthday love,
    Fun Lezel!!!

  4. Happy 6th Birthday Sweet Nora!! May all your dreams come true!

  5. My daughter has the same tutu and loves it...she is the envy of every little girl in the neighborhood.


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