Thursday, May 7, 2009

King Candy!!!

I love going all themey on a party! I'm thinking so far that this theme has been my favorite!! In the words of our friend Jack, it was a "YUMMY" party! I agree!!!
a sign to greet our guest...
The Birthday Boy guarding his Candy Table...
check out the giant candy!
taking a peek at the cupcakes...
Charlie's little friend Molly
The Birthday Boy missed his nap that day so despite having a sleep deprived toddler with a sugar high on our hands it was a great party!! And YUMMY too!

© 2009 paperdoll designs


  1. The C-U-T-E-S-T party I've ever seen!!!

  2. **AAAAAADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!**

  3. omg!!! That was one stinkin' adorable candy king! WOW!

    Oh, and I picked up my order today and love love love the note cards! So cute!

  4. Seriously can't be any cuter!!!

    You are so creative!

  5. OK - that was super creative...gonna have to write that one down!

  6. I so understand! I get so sad that all of Charlotte's "firsts" are my "lasts." No more babies- 3 years old is big time. What an adorable party!
    Ashleigh B (seriously, I still don't know how to sign into this thing, and even more add a little pic icon!)

  7. The party looks amazing and I KNOW that the kiddos had a blast!!!!

    Now onto party #2, huh???

    You are such a great Mommy!!!!


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