Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Charlie!

This sweet little guy is three today! I can not believe it. My baby is three!! My onry, snuggly, imaginative, silly, stubborn, loud talkin', lollipop lovin', chicken nugget eatin', adorable baby boy is three!! For the first time, the Jameisons are celebrating a third birthday and there is not a little baby in the house. This is hitting me hard...
Happy Birthday Baby Charlie! I love you bunches!

I promise...SOON I will post all about the yummy Candy Land birthday party and the Name That Note Card Winner and I have TONS of PaperDoll photos to share. Today I am going to play with my three year old and maybe cry just a little.

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  1. LOVE the picture!! Happy Birthday Charlie!

  2. Happy Birthday Charlie Warlie!! Nana loves you more than shoes. Just like I was my Mema's Sunday girl, you are becoming my Wednesday boy. I love you!


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