Monday, June 1, 2009

The Graduate

I finally sat down today and downloaded all the pictures that I took during the last few days of school. I still haven't sorted through them all but this one just grabbed me. Look at this little Kindergarten Graduate!! She was so thrilled to get up on stage and sing a few songs. That girl loves to sing. I shed some tears when they sang "I am a Promise." It was so sweet.

Speaking of SWEET...I've got paper lanterns coming out my ears since the May birthday parties so I'm trying to come up with creative uses. We stuck Nora's teacher's gift inside this one. We wrapped it with cellophane to look like a giant piece of candy and added a lollipop card. This may be my new signature gift least until I run out of lanterns.

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  1. so the gift wrap idea...adorable!

  2. Great idea. I have a ton of the laterns already wrapped from my daughters "Sweet 13" Candyland Birthday.


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