Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Where the sidewalk ends...

Last year, the kids and I talked about chalking the entire walkway leading to our house to look like colorful stones.  We planned to do it one day but never got around to it.  Yesterday, I was looking for something and found a brand new box of sidewalk chalk and immediately told Charlie and Nora to come outside.  I gave them a Tupperware lid to trace and told them to get to work. 

They were actually pretty excited about the idea and were super focused in the beginning.  I'll admit that I couldn't resist drawing some "stones" and chalking them in myself.  Once we lost the morning shade, Charlie was out.  We took a little lunch break and then somehow convinced the teenage boy to come help for a little while.   He's such a good sport.  He even let me take a picture!
Between the four of us, it only took about 2 hours...maybe a little less.   I'm so in love with it.  I would keep it if I could. 
It was supposed to rain this morning.  I'm doing a little happy dance that it didn't.  Charlie woke up today and asked if we could chalk the driveway.  We're going to need more chalk.

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  1. I love this! If I had a walkway I would do the same. Too bad you couldn't spray it with polyurethane or something.


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