Monday, June 30, 2014

Fairy Garden

I've always loved miniatures.  When I was little, my favorite thing was my dollhouse and not much has changed.  A few years ago, I stumbled upon a picture of a miniature garden...a fairy garden.  I was immediately in love with the idea.  There is a local garden store in town that has a few fairy gardens set up and I love to stop by each summer to check them out.  Last week, on a whim, Charlie and I decided to go by and he was pretty fascinated too.  When I got home I got on Pinterest to look for ideas and then the next morning, I just decided to do it.  The supplies were fairly inexpensive and I had some little helping hands so we made it our project for the day.
I really wanted a miniature house but all the houses I found were a little out of my budget so I went for a 1/2 price bird house from Hobby Lobby.  It works. 
 I just grabbed a bag of small river rocks to make paths.
Tiny blue rocks make a great little pond for the garden.
My favorite part is definitely the tiny picnic table and the flag bunting.  I'm thinking about painting the picnic table hot pink but my boys objected.  It's probably gonna happen anyway.  Charlie wants to add miniature dinosaurs and I think I'll let him as long as the table gets to be pink.
I planted a few small plants and added some moss that was growing in our yard and that was it. 

I really love it and hope I can keep it alive.  I'm already planning my next fairy garden!

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