Sunday, June 5, 2011


***We've gone through 2 full bottles of sun screen this week. We've been to the pool everyday since it opened and I must say that I'm enjoying my first summer of laying by the pool while my kids swim without me!!! Even though he can swim (swim Nazi, thank you) Charlie is rocking that life jacket just so his mommy can relax. Awesome!

***I'm a wee bit obsessed with Glee right now. I had never watched it before and despite the fact that I find it highly innappropriate most of the time, I am loving my Netflix dvds that are arriving in my mailbox. They are great for my late night work sessions when all the little ears are asleep. I just LOVE the music!!!

***This weekend I was pretending I was asleep on the couch so none of my kids would bug me (just kidding...ok, I'm not kidding) and Charlie came and knocked on my head. When I opened my eyes he started shouting "I knocked Mommy up!!" He said it over and over all afternoon and Nathan and I could hardly keep a straight face. Nice, huh??

***Have you had the Quik Trip strawberry banana smoothies? I'm loving them and looking sooo forward to Milkshake Monday tomorrow. Don't worry, Fiesta Mart...I love you still but you don't have smoothies!

***Nathan and I are going to be teaching Sunday School this summer. That's right. Me, the girl who usually cries when I somehow get roped into teaching Sunday School is committed to the summer. But, guess what? I think all this time I've been teaching the wrong age. I've always taught babies and toddlers. We have been teaching Pre-K and I'm actually liking it. 5 year olds...that's my gig. I love them!! Who would've thought??

***I haven't done a Name that Note Card in FOREVER!!! I need to get on that...

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