Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Amazing Jana Update...

I recently added a gadget to my blog (over there on the right hand side) that tells readers what the most popular posts are and I was not at all surprised to see that THIS POST about the amazing Jana ranked right at the top. Jana is the namesake for the JANA design and I have been so happy to donate a portion of all sales of that design to her sweet family as she fought the fight with ovarian cancer during ONE FULL YEAR of chemo treatments. MANY of you have asked about her over the past year and SO MANY of you have purchased JANA items and I thank you and I know that she thanks you too. I'm so glad to tell you that Jana is doing GREAT and yesterday was herLAST chemo treatment and we welcomed her and her sweet hubby home with a great celebration. I was so happy to be behind the camera and behind my big ol' sunglasses so nobody could see my mascara running. It was so beautiful.
Jana, you are so amazing. I can't even begin to put into words how much you bless those around you. You are a beautiful, Godly woman and I am so proud to call you my friend.

If you'd like to purchase JANA items I will continue donating a portion of the proceeds until the end of the month!!


  1. Sweet sweet Jana. You always have peace all over your face. Do you know how much you have inspired. From the little friends (Charlie always wears in Rogers band) to your age group (they know cancer now is not a death sentence) to my age and older. We are not afraid to die because you have instilled Him in our hearts. You make it girl! With grace, beauty and all sorts of hair lengths!

  2. I do love these pictures and what they represent for Jana. Wow.


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