Monday, April 26, 2010


Chore Charts are here! I've done them by special request for a while now but finally decided to officially add them to the list of PaperDoll items. I will be adding them to the shop soon. These charts are a heavy duty laminate and measure approx. 12 x 18. They have magnets on the back and come with a dry erase marker. Choose your title and list their responsibilities. I like to leave a few blank lines for my kids so I can randomly add chores. They LOVE it when I do that! hahaha! You might want to have a tally line but it's up to you how you customize it. So far I have the designs shown below but just email me if you have a different design in mind.
$18 EACH

Chocolate Bubbles Blue Chore Chart

Chocolate Bubbles Pink Chore Chart

Floral Dot Chore fav!!

Camo Chore Chart
Little Man Stripe Chore Chart
Spring Gumdrops Chore Chart

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