Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Name Game Plate GIVEAWAY!!!!

I recently stood on my front porch with a customer discussing baby names. She was expecting a little girl and I was voting for the name Violet. We talked forever about our favorite names. It got me thinking...
If Graham had been a girl her name would have been Elles Olivia. Elles was my mom's maiden name. We probably would have called her Ellie and at the time I didn't know a single Ella or Ellie or Elle. We liked the name Carter for a boy but decided on Graham after I read an article about a family that had renovated a home in midtown. They had a little boy named Graham and instantly I was in love with the name. I mentioned it to Nathan that day and he totally agreed. We went to the ultrasound with Elles Olivia and Graham Nathan and never had second thoughts.
By the time I was pregnant with Nora, I knew a lot of Ellie's and Ella's so we decided to come up with something new. My great grandma's name was Nora. I mentioned it to Nathan and he hated it. He said "No way!" I didn't give up. Right before we found out she was a girl I mentioned to Nathan's mom that I loved the name Nora and she said "That was Nathan's great grandmother's name." DONE. Nathan had a change of heart. We never did settle on a boy's name but we liked the names Finn and Atticus. We went back and forth between Nora Jane, Nora Elizabeth and Nora Claire. I'm so glad we chose Nora Claire.
We definitely had a harder time choosing Charlie's name. Although I was sort of hoping for a boy I could not decide on a boy name. We knew without a doubt that if the baby was a girl her name would be Violet Jane. This was BEFORE Ben & Jennifer named their baby Violet. I LOVE the name Violet and when the doctor told us it was a GIRL at the ultrasound I headed straight out and bought the prettiest white and lavender baby bedding. About a month later we found out it was NOT a girl and we were stumped. We had a long list of names and none of them felt right. We thought about Gus, Ellis, Nate, Oliver, Charlie & Thatcher. (I only remember this because I found the list in my nightstand the other day.) We still weren't 100 percent sure when he was born but he came home with the name Charles Oliver. I could not even say his name for the first few months. I thought about changing his name. Nathan felt the same way. Then one day his little personality kicked in and he is such a "Charlie." I love his name now. Must have been the hormones.
I love coming up with baby names. I love my job because I get to hear baby names all the time. I can't stand it when people won't tell what they are going to name the baby...although I totally get it. It's awful when you get every one's opinions on what you should name your baby. I recall a very nasty argument I had with my big brother over one of the names we liked. He didn't like it and you just don't tell a hormonal soon to be mommy that you don't like the name she has chosen.
For this giveaway, let's play the NAME GAME!! Leave a comment telling me what you would name your baby (boy or girl or both) if you were having a baby today!!! I will use the random number picker thing to pick a winner. The winner will get a melamine plate of their choice!!

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  1. Since the chances of me having another baby are super duper slim...I can have fun with my names!

    IF I were to have another baby girl, I would name her Iris Faith or Sunday Rose (yes, I swiped that from Nicole Kidman! I just LOVE it!!).

    IF i were to have another baby boy, he would be Sutton King (maiden name) or Henry True.

    Gosh, I'm so glad I'm not having another baby b/c that stressed me out! Naming four was hard enough!! :)

  2. If I were to have a baby today I would probably name a little girl Clara or Lillian.

    As for a little boy I'm more unsure. Maybe Grayton or Grant??

  3. Well, I'm due in 8 days and since we aren't sharing. I'll tell the names I wanted that were poo-pooed. Girl Millicent, boy Palmer.

  4. Ashleigh BoedekerApril 21, 2010 at 4:07 PM

    Griffin was going to be Paige, Greer would have been Gage (family name), and Charlotte was either going to be Gage (still pushing for it)- Charlotte Belle or Gretchen Gene, possibly Gigi for short. When we lost my granny, we for sure went with Charlotte Gene!
    (I'm just now seeing that instead of Griffin & Greer I could have had Paige & Gage! They both go together!)- Ashleigh B

  5. What a fun game! Haven't thought about names in years. If a girl, Victoria or Helena. Boy names are hard, maybe Blake.

  6. I just had a baby boy and we named him Cashion Mathews (both our mother's maiden names.) But, if I had another boy I would name him Finnagan.

  7. If it were a girl (it changes periodically) TODAY, I think it would be Hannah Victoria Brooke.
    Funny thing is, I've never been fond of the name Hannah. Actually, didn't like it at all. But the last couple months, I sort-a really like it alot. Crazy. Victoria after my Mom who died 2 years ago from cancer, and Brooke just because it's pretty, and my other 2 girls both have 2 middle names that have the same sounds (Alyssa Grace, Alayna Anne, Victoria Brooke).
    I like names (and chose names for my kids) that are unusual and that have great meanings.
    I thought the name Marrah (Not rhyming with Sarah, the "a" has a short "O" sound) was soooo pretty. Then I found out it means "bitter" Dang. Oh well.... I'm with you! I could name kids all day long! And we did keep ours a secret until they were born. We have a Selah, Bryce, and Charis (the "h" is silent on Charis). LOVE LOVE LOVE naming babies!
    Okay~ obviously I have baby fever. This is just ridiculous! lol.

  8. We are NOT pregnant but hopefully we will start our family this time next year. When I was about 15 I fellin LOVE with the name Kennedy and I was dead set on Kennedy Marie (which is my middle name). Well after I got married my husband and I started talking about baby names and he heard the name Harper and fell in love with it! He will use her name in a sentence like we have her or are pregnant with her, it's really sweet. So needless to say our baby girls name has been changed to Harper Marie (her and I will have the same initials, HMH)

    My husband says he only wants girls...I hope he realizes we are not the ones who decide that! But if we were to have a boy I like Hudson Michael. Michael is my husbands name.

    But do you think Hudson Horton flows well together?!?!

  9. Fun, fun game!!! We have all E names---Ethan, Ella & Everett, girl name for Everett was EMERSYN and I still LOVE it! :) Boy names are hard...

  10. If we had more kids which we are not and my husband had no vote...A boy might be Gus, Cash or Charlie (which, of course, isn't a real option because I have a sweet little nephew named Charlie). A girl might be Hazel or True.

    It's fun when you are not really naming them.

  11. So there will be no more babies from our house, but IF we were, I love the name Karys (Care-is) and maybe Korbyn for a boy. You know me and my KY names. :) Although our other name had we not chosen Kylan was Connor Reid. Glad we went with Ky. Still love Reid (family name on both sides) Kennedy was our girl name for him, but it never even crossed my mind when we found out we were having a girl this time. It's funny how that happens. This was a fun game!!

  12. According to my husband, we are done with our three but I love names, especially their meanings!! My oldest is Matthew Jeffrey. Matthew means "gift of God" and Jeffrey(after my husband) "heavenly peace". My second one has 3 names Connor William Michael. Connor means "wise". William (after my grandpa) means "determined guardian" and Michael (after my husband's grandpa) means "who is like God". Our daughter is Gracyn Avery. We adopted Gracyn. Gracyn is the name we gave her which means "gracious one" and we chose to keep Avery (which her birthmother named her) to honor her birthmom which means "noble".

    If I was to have another boy, I would name him Hudson Maddox. If I was to have another girl, I would name her Isabella Jewel.

    Thanks for the fun game!!!! I love thinking of names and hearing all the names out there!!

  13. I like the boy names Sawyer and Grady, but they don't go with the "C" theme of my other three boys. If I were to have a girl, I think I could veer away from the "C" situation. I like Olivia Elizabeth for a girl, but if I felt compelled to continue with a "C" name, I would probably go with Charlotte. And, NO...we are not going to try for a girl!

  14. Hmmmm... We've always kind of known we'd have all girls - so I never gave it a whole lot of thought. When I was pregnant with my first we had a boy & girls name picked out - Jake Anderson for a boy and Taylor Lynn for a girl. When I found out i was having a girl b/c I had 2 names picked out I had a moment of... But what about Jake? I felt a little sad as if I should have been having twins.

    But, all my girls kind of have boy names... Taylor, Bentley & Addyson ( spelled with a y to make it more girly).

  15. Cole and I have had baby names picked out for four kids since before we were married. If we had a girl it would be Carly Isabel and if it were a boy it would be Clayton Chamberlin

  16. I would go with Laurel for a girl and Grant for a boy.

  17. Well considering my Laura's middle name IS VIOLET can't use it again!

    Girl Lila
    Boy Levi or Layne

    gotta keep the L thing going!

  18. My last name is Clary, so my husband always said if we had a girl we should name her...


    He was generous enough to say I could choose the E. name! HA!

    I chose the name SHILOH for my daughter almost 14 yrs ago.I had a college class with a girl named, Shiloh Robinson and thought the name sounded so glamorous and Hollywood. The daughter ended up being a boy named PARKER (after a favorite uncle.)

    My final choices are...

    Girl - HAVEN or OLIVE
    Boy - KIP or JARRET ( a combo of my two favorite cousins Jason and Barret.)

  19. Names are so hard! Our boy name for Kate was James Benjamin (Ben) and I guess that was our boy name for Maggie too. When we do have a 3rd, I can't even begin to think about negotating on another girl name but my husband is leaning toward using Mary somewhere (his grandmother's name). I would say that James Benjamin would be our boy name but who knows?!

  20. If we were to have more kids, my girl name would be Nevaeh (Heaven-back words) and my boy name would be Gunner or Jett. What a fun game!!!

  21. Names are such a funny thing...It was the one thing that there was no negotiation about for Jason and I. Caroline is named after my grandmother whom I found out later was also named after her grandmother. Jason and I both have E middle names (Caroline and I both have Evelyn after my gramma) He always said he wanted to name his son Colton Earl (Earl... after Jason, his father and grand father) so our children (If God grants me a boy when we decide to take that journey again) will have the same initials. I really love Carter... but don't think that is in the cards! As a young girl I always wanted a Karleigh Marie. Funny how our tastes change as we age!

  22. Well, we have had Dylan Blake picked as our boy name since the day we found out Brooklyn was coming. It took us 7 months to agree on a girl name!!! Elizabeth was easy since she was named after my grandma who was about to pass. Although she was almost Madeline. If I were to have a baby today I would probably name a girl Ava, Olivia, or I still like Madeline. Oh and I love Nora, but I already know a little girl who totally fills that name, so I would probably never feel like it fit anyone else! For a boy I still love Dylan, but I also like Reese, Dalton, and might would consider Mitchell as a tribute name.

  23. We have three boys so I often dream of girl names. My 3rd boys would have been Annie Claire. Love that name. But now my brother is engaged to an Annie so I might go with Eva Claire or Tessa Anne.

  24. For a girl, I would go with Alivia, Lillianne, or Vivian. For a boy, I would go with Preston or Frank.

  25. If I had a boy today I would name him Carter Allen or Cash Allen. Allen is a family name on my husband's side. For a girl I would name her Kalie Blythe.

  26. We just had our first baby, our beautiful son Lucas Samuel. If we were to have a girl in the future, I love the names Mallory Kristen and Halle Kate. If we were to have another boy, I would be more stumped for a name. Possibly Noah James or Gabriel James (since Samuel is my husband's name, we already used that so I would probably use his middle name James). I have to admit, picking baby names can be really stressful. I love so many names, but making sure the name sounds good with your last name and also picking a name that's not too commonly used can be so hard!!!

  27. This is fun! Our kiddos names are Carson Ayden and Kennedy Cate, so I think I'd stick with the hard C sound...maybe Claire for a girl, and Corbin for a boy. I LOVE the name Greer for a girl too!

  28. For a girl...Elizabeth James (James after my father). For a boy...Evan James. But I am certain we won't be having to pick another baby name for our family :)!


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