Thursday, September 10, 2009

I interrupt this homeschooling day...

to announce that the new tote bags have arrived!! I felt like I was opening a present. They are SO SO cute and perfect for hauling stuff! I'm in love with them and want one in every design. Go check them out!!! They are in the here!

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  1. I also LOVE that show! He is so mean. How about his maid? She is a crack up.

  2. those bags are so cute! I so wish I had known about them before I bought Nathan's tote for school (they have to have a tote with an open top at his pre-school) I'll have to order one next year when brian goes to school...

    so so funny that your mom won my blog title contest...she said she would let you pick out something, so just let me know what ya want and I will have kristin send it your way..I thought it was weird that the person who won was from tulsa, but i didn't recognize the name....and then come to find out it WAS someone I (kinda) knew...what a small world!

  3. i miss you....write something...


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