Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday G!

9 years ago today at this time (it's 2 a.m...why must I be such a night owl?) I was holding my sweet Graham. He was not quite two hours old. He was born on Labor Day. It was fitting...I went into labor late at night on the 2nd. I spent the whole day of September 3rd in labor and FINALLY just after midnight he made his arrival. It's been said by millions of mommies...but my whole world changed right then. I had no idea how hard the job would be and no idea how wonderful the job would be.

I could go on and on about Graham and what a blessing he is in our lives. Really, I could. Not a day goes by that I am not amazed by him. He is such a sweet little man. Have I told you that he asks me every day if there is anything he can do to help me?? Several times a day! This year I asked him to give me 9 wishes that he wished for his birthday. Wish #1...that everyone else has a good day on his birthday. Seriously!

Happy Birthday my little Lego man...
I love you more than you can imagine!
wish #7...Dave & Busters...wish granted.


  1. G-
    May all your wishes be magical and granted and I know they will be because you live with one crafty and smart momma!!! Hope the day was an awesome one for everyone! Big squeezes from NC as well!!!

  2. Mr. Graham, what can I say? You made me a Nana and that makes you so special. You are honestly, as Mom says, the sweetest boy (unless you are sneaking a hit on Nora) and I love you to the moon and back. I keep telling you not to grow so fast but that's impossible but you are growing into a smart, handsome, sweet young man and you make my heart so happy. Have a great great day!

  3. How fun! Happy B-day! Enjoy every flies by doesn't it?!

  4. What a sweetheart! My little man (my oldest, though) just turned nine on August 31st. The time has flown by so fast! He is also such a dear dear dear boy. So helpful and loving. (I think being home schooled helps with that!) Well, enjoy your Lego man, and I'll enjoy mine :O)


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