Friday, March 21, 2014

Meal Planning Obsessed

So, I've made it pretty obvious with my weekly "What's for Dinner" posts that I am on a meal planning kick.  Actually, since I've kept it up for 3 months straight, I'm going to say it's not a "kick" anymore...I'm just a meal planner!  I love that we are saving money and eating healthier.  Now that I have dinner planning down, I've gone a little overboard and I've moved onto breakfast, lunch and snacks!
We already had the kids plan down so I didn't have to worry about that.   I'm the only one here for lunch during the week and I haven't been able to convince Nathan to start packing a healthy lunch yet so the lunch meal planning has been pretty easy.  The discovery of Salad in a Jar has been wonderful and I'm also a bit obsessed with Naan homemade pizzas.  I tend to just switch back and forth between some variation of these two but if I don't plan ahead, I find myself on auto pilot to the nearest Chick-fil-A.

 I am also trying to add healthy breakfasts and snacks to my plan.  When I don't plan these meals and snacks, I find myself skipping breakfast completely and then running to the store all the time for snack food OR grabbing something like potato chips and candy.  I'm a late night snacker and if I don't have something good for me on hand, Fruit Loops are the first thing I reach for!  Even when I plan to eat at home, if I don't plan the menu exactly, I found myself running out of food by Wednesday or Thursday and we end up at the grocery store again.  It's no secret that I'm a Plan it on Paper nerd so it's no shocker that I came up with a Meal Planner note pad to make my meal planning easier.
Now I can jot down all the meals/snacks when I am doing my meal planning and making the grocery list.  I'm not so type A that I stick to it exactly but it helps to have an idea of what I'll need for the week before I head out to the store.  I also like preparing as much as I can on Sunday to save me time throughout the week.  I'm trying to cut out as much processed and fast food as possible and I've learned that it takes a lot of prep work to make that happen.
If you are in need of some meal planning tools, these 40 page note pads are in the shop now.  You choose your colors!

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