Friday, April 15, 2011


*We are taking a break this weekend from "The Year of Fun." For the first time all year, we don't have plans this weekend. We are both kind of excited about it. We are going to put the kids to bed and watch a movie. It's date night at home.

*I caved. I ordered Charlie his first pair of light up shoes. It's all he's talked about for weeks. I'm hoping they get here in time to go in his Easter basket.

*I've been busy working on PaperDoll Ts...designs, pricing, etc. Here's a new sample. Charlie was super excited. Are you??

*We always listen to Air 1 but I accidentally stumbled upon a new station the other day. It plays 90's grunge AND 90's hip hop AND hair band music. Hilarious! Yesterday I was listening to "It Takes Two" and then the Black Crows came on. Today it was "Pour Some Sugar on Me" followed by Coolio. Seriously? I was loving it. Some of my other favs that I've heard: lots of Pearl Jam, Tootsie Roll, Talk Dirty to Me...hilarious. I only listen when my kids aren't in the car.

*I'm going back and forth about whether to do a birthday party for Nora. We had originally said we would only do parties every other year once they hit kindergarten. She had a party last year BUT I LOVE parties!! She wants a Peace, Love & Chocolate Party. How can I say no to that???

*I put all my winter clothes away yesterday considering it had been in the 80's for a week. Hello, 40 degree weather this morning. I wore flip flops in protest until my toes froze and I had to dig out my boots.

*I tried on these shoes the other day just for fun. I think the lady could see it in my eyes that I wasn't about to spend $140 on a pair of shoes...she handed the box to me and walked away... never to return. They were fabulous though. Let me know if you see the Payless or Target variety.

*I'm on a mission to find a new perfume. I've been wearing Quelque Fleur since 1992 when I first smelled it on my pledge sister Katherine. I've tried to wear other scents but always end up with a head ache or just don't LOVE them the way I love my good ole' standy by. I let myself run out of it...completely out of it. I spent an hour the other day with a dear sweet girl at Sephora. She was so patient and went through a million perfumes. I still haven't found "the one" though. I'm seriously picky. I don't like musky...I don't like too sweet...I don't like too strong...they all give me a head ache. What do you wear???


  1. try Daisy by Marc Jacobs. I tried the other day and like it. Bold perfumes give me headaches too. I also like Ellen Tracy!

  2. U gotta try Gap's new scent *Near - LOVE it!

  3. Buy those shoes. You have posted them for 2 years. (orange last year). If you want something that bad, go for it. Call it a treat for staying up until 3:00 in the morning. Mind your Mother!

  4. Writing for Nora.


  5. I like Ralph Lauren "Blue". But my fav for a long time and I still like it is CK1 it is a unisex cologne for men and women and was simple, not too sweet and clean smelling. Loved IT! I don't seem to put on perfume anymore. I forget to...So sad. Dindy Banzet

  6. Brighton "Laugh". I really do get compliments every where I go when I wear it! You can get it at Perfect Touch or Brighton Collectibles in the mall.

  7. I wear Blue by Ralph Lauren- I went to the store and tried it on for the day to make sure it didn't give me a headache. So far it's a good one- as in so far for several years....


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