Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blog Thievery...ING post

I am totally stealing this blog post from my friend, Holly. I LOVED LOVED LOVED it when she did this because I am a LIST fanatic. SO HAPPY!! Hope you don't mind, Holly.

reading: Deuteronomy & Psalms...Bible in a Year...loving it! making: LOTS of Peeps Goodie Bags for my awesome customers!!! cooking: mac and cheese because it's the food of choice these days for 2 of my kids looking: for no show socks that won't slip off my heels...hate it when that happens! playing: wii fit wasting: time on this blog post...can't help myself. buying: running shoes with a high arch for my flat much better! wishing: that someone would come clean my house planning: Charlie's birthday party loving: The Year of Fun...Nathan and I have gone out on more dates this year so far than in the last several years combined! liking: running with my girl friends...never in a million years thought that I would ever run hoping: that it doesn't rain this weekend...we've got two fun outdoor parties to go to marveling: at how many pages Graham has read this year...they keep track and I'm amazed. needing: a tan wearing: my capri jeans...get used to them. They are my new uniform for spring/summer noticing: that my computer is getting R-E-A-L-L-Y slow thinking: that I really really really need to update the website....I hate updating the website in case it wasn't obvious giggling: at Charlie singing "Firework" feeling: blessed writing: to do lists smelling: my oatmeal cookie scentsy hearing: banging and hammering...neighbors are getting a new roof eating: white chocolate raspberry Nothing Bundt awesome husband brought one home for me from Dallas...he loves me! forgetting: to develop the pictures Graham took with a disposable camera last summer at camp!! I've been carrying it around in my purse and keep forgetting to drop them off. Poor kid. watching: The Steven Tyler Hour....I mean American Idol drinking: diet dr. pepper, of course wanting: wood floors wondering: what to sign the kids up for this summer...maybe nothing praying: for my friend that lost her nephew this week singing: old school Aerosmith songs...pulled out the old cd this week and now I can't get the songs out of my head


  1. Thanks Nathan. We just talked about Nothing Bundt Cakes this week-end.


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