Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I ran...sort of.

My friends Holly & Shelle convinced me to run with them yesterday. RUN. I have NEVER been a runner. In fact, I haven't actually gone running since probably my junior year in college. Even then it was just a week long just-broke-up-with-a-boyfriend-so-the-only-cure-for-a-broken-heart-is-to-lose-5-pounds-and-straighten-my-hair-and-go-to-Brother's-in-a-cute-outfit-that-belongs-to-my-pledge-sister type of phase. I know you know what I'm talking about. I have not gone running since then. So I ran yesterday. Sort of. We didn't run super long or super far...they took it easy on me. I am still alive. I made it. I can move today. Maybe I will go running again sometime. I'm not making any promises but thanks girls for getting me out there. If you must know, I had no choice. Shelle was holding my kids hostage until I showed up to run with her.

Some PaperDoll Pics...
race car lunchbox
pink and purple powder puff with horse lunchbox...CUTE!!!
white picket fence lime bookmark
zebra ribbon turquoise and lime bookmark
aloha pink and lime bookmark
firetruck plate in blue
damask brown and tan platter
damask black and lime platter
zebra logo bag tags
zebra logo candy bar wrappers

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  1. um... you kept up with us on week 4... that is pretty good for not being a runner... let's go again next week!


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