Monday, February 21, 2011

playing catch up...

My new resolution to not work as much on the weekends has been great for the family. We've been having more fun, I've been getting some stuff done around here that isn't PaperDoll related and Nathan and I have definitely been going out on more dates. We went and saw Jenny Lebow this weekend. Remember Glass House? I was a huge fan and Nathan and I used to go see them all the time when we were dating. I loved hearing her again. So all and all, the new work schedule is great. However, it sends me into a panic come Monday morning as I try to play catch up. While I was so tempted this weekend to scrap the new rule and work, work, work...I'm so glad I didn't but definitely dealing with the consequences today.
jana pink and black portfolio
black damask tiffany blue portfolio
cupcake, dot dot darcy pink and lime & zebra hot pink ribbon stickers
vintage girl note pad
chocolate party blue bookmark
black polka dot orange portfolio
pink dot chore chart
blue and red stripe chore chart
floral pop brown and green bowl and bag tag
pink stripe bowling invites and fill-in thank yous

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