Monday, February 21, 2011


Just the other day Nora said
"Do you know how embarassing it is to be the ONLY 2nd grader EVER that hasn't lost a tooth??!!"
Her first loose tooth has been hanging on for dear life for over a week now. She would not let anyone near it. She finally let Nathan wiggle it tonight under the promise that he wouldn't pull it but OOPS! Nathan can't resist a good loose tooth.
After an initial scream and a small freak out, she was all smiles. She is SO PROUD!!
This was my tooth fairy pillow. I've been waiting for a long time to pass it down.
It's looking a little shabby but she was as happy as can be to have it.
My sweet baby girl lost a tooth!!!


  1. Seriously?! How cute is she?!!!! She looks so proud! Hope the Tooth Fairy is good to sweet Nora!

  2. Yea Nora, You are getting so big! Hope the tooth fairy is good to you. Love you Missy, Nana.


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