Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Birthday Breakfast...Pajama Party Style!

It all started when Charlie asked for a pajama party for his 4th birthday. I knew I wasn't about to pull an all nighter with four year olds so I decided to put a twist on the pajama party and have it in the morning. This party was so much fun to plan, easy to do on a budget and a blast for the kids.

The invitations - We tied mini cereal boxes to the bunting themed invite. I actually made a bunting to hang on the front porch but forgot to take a pic. The invitations instructed the guests to come in their jammies. Our whole family wore our pjs...I've never been so comfy at a party!! The food: Charlie's favorite - a sugary cereal buffet!
More of Charlie's favorite...donuts and pop tarts!
BTW, have you had a Hot Fudge Sundae Pop Tart???? Seriously. Yum.
Mason Jar drink assortment - I'm so excited to use these again at more parties. I'll just change the fabric and never have to buy party cups again!!
The happy birthday boy and his sunshine pinata. I love getting all themey on a party. We also played "Snore Dance." They danced to the music until it stopped and then they had to freeze and snore like they were asleep. It was so cute!!
#4 donuts...too early for birthday cake and ice cream!
The sweetest 4 year old EVER. Literally, he had just eaten a canister of fruit loops and powdered donuts.
LOVE this boy!!!
Party favors: Straw bowls and a mini box of cereal...
and a candy bar because I hadn't fed them enough sugar already.
The Breakfast Bash was so much fun. Charlie loved it and I think his little friends had fun too. Now it's on to Nora's party...May is crazy around here.
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  1. Girl...You've seriously got it GOIN' ON when it comes to party planning! It's *EYE CANDY* for those of us on the other side of the screen. :)

  2. OMG - that is the cutest party I have ever seen. Serioiusly.

  3. I LOVE IT! Too cute. What (if anything) was under the fabric on the mason jars? Inquiring minds want to know. Sabrena

  4. This was seriously the cutest party EVER!!! You are awesome, and I'm so stealing this idea from you! I just thought, can you imagine if Calli & Charlie got married would be the most fabulous event EVER!!! We'd be dangerous!

  5. Charlie, I am so glad you picked a pajama party. You know how Nana loves her pj's. Love you Bunches!

  6. so so cute!!! You make me feel a little guilty about my kids parties! ;)

  7. um... should you add party planner extrodinare to your list... check! that tops my list of cutest parties ever! Happy Birthday Charlie!

  8. Karen, I haven't checked your blog in awhile and I was happy to return. What a darling party. You are so talented, smart and creative. I must say that you have always had it my friend!!! Miss you. Karen D. Smith

  9. How did you get donuts in the shape of the number 4?

  10. Where did you get donuts in the "4" shape?

    1. I got them at a local donut shop called Oklahoma Donuts but I think many shops do the shapes now. :)


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