Saturday, February 9, 2008

My Night Owl Accomplishments

I know these aren't the greatest photos but I loved the way this Zebra stuff turned out and I wanted to share it with you!

Zebra Mini Candy Bars, Large Zebra Note Pads and Small Zebra Note Pads

Zebra Chapsticks
Sports Bottles - they are so fabulous!!! I am so happy every time I get an order for a design I haven't tried yet. They all are turning out so cute!

Sports Bottles: Hippie Chic Orange, Groovy Girl, Dot Dot Darcy Blue & Chocolate, Hippie Chic Pink
Dot Dot Darcy Green & Pink Note Cards, Camo Fill-Ins, Neapolitan Blue Note Cards

Groovy Boy Fill-Ins, Groovy Girl Fill-Ins

Enclosure Cards: Valentine Dots Pink, Guitar Blue, Big Dotty Pink & Chocolate, Valentine Dots Blue
Don't forget, tumblers and more sports bottles should be in next week!
Thanks for reading The Blog! I'm off to make a million Bubble Gum Bags!!

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