Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blog, Blog, Blog

A quick thanks to all of you that have sent such sweet emails to let me know you are a fan of the blog. I'm amazed that anyone out there is reading it but I am so glad that you are enjoying my new pics and products. To those of you who wanted to know - I don't take pictures of EVERYTHING I make each day - just the new stuff or the cute little creations that haven't had their pictures taken before.

Sports Bottles, Tumblers & Pencil Cups are SOLD OUT again (WOW!) but they have been ordered and should be here SOON so send in your orders and I will reserve them for you.

Vintage Baby Pink Note Cards and Blue, Chocolate, Cream Stripe Note Cards

Easter Stripe Mini Candy Bars

Pink Polka Dot Buggy Mini Candy Bars

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