Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Blessed to be stressed!

I am blessed to be stressed right now. PaperDoll is in full Christmas mode. I was absolutely not expecting the response I got Monday to the note card sale. It was crazy and resulted in me promptly shutting down the website after midnight. Today I was at the Metro Bazaar which was great! After staying up WAY too late for two nights in a row I am about to fall asleep at my laptop. I am totally overwhelmed so please bare with me if I have not responded to your emails. I am slowly going through them, sending out proofs and filling orders as they came in. Tomorrow (after a dr. appt for G's wrist) I am going to dive in and get busy. If you need your items by a certain date please drop me an email if you haven't already.
Merry Christmas!!!!

p.s. While I probably will not be taking any more paper item orders, I do have some market totes, bags, new key chains, smencils, backpacks, lap desks, etc. If you would like one of those just let me know!

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