Thursday, August 2, 2012

The PaperDoll Studio (AKA the office at the top of the stairs)

When I am feeling stressed about the number of orders I have I always feel the need to ORGANIZE.  This morning I took one look at my order page and immediately started straightening up the PaperDoll Studio (which is what I like to call my office when I'm feeling fancy.)  Once I got it looking all pretty again I decided I should document this fabulously clean occasion and take a few pics.
 At the begining of the year I had a work table built in.  It stretches all the way from one wall to the other and I have a little assembly line thing going on.  I LOVE IT!  I used to work on the floor because my work space was too small and this is WAY better.  The pink curtain hides tons and tons of supplies and ugly stuff that would ruin the cute factor of my space.  Are those two black lines on the edge of the table driving you crazy?  They are a guide for cutting ribbon...that way I don't have to think and I can focus on my late night Bravo tv that is playing on the opposite end of this table.
My Nora's Lalaloopsy doll and some of the the books she claims she has outgrown.  I couldn't bear to part with Pinkalicious and Fancy Nancy so I put them on this shelf of honor with my copy of Princess and the Pea.  It was my favorite book growing up and my dad gave me this copy at our rehearsal dinner.  It has a handwritten note inside that still makes me cry.   
My pencil collection...I can't hep myself.

This is the tray where all your items go when they are ready to be packaged up pretty.  It was overflowing but I emptied it for the pic.  The man of house is constantly saying "just stick it in a bag and be done with it!"  He just doesn't get it.  Am I right? 
The Wall of Tulle 
Candy Bars to drop in customer's bags...if only it weren't 113 degrees here.   
I just started collecting vintage china.  I have a rule...they have to cost less than $5 and I have to really love the pattern.  Therefore, I don't have a lot.  I love  the ones I have though.  For some reason they are living in my office. 
Here's my desk.   That is THE BINDER.  It keeps me organized.  I couldn't live without it.  That picture in the background is me and my grandpa when I was about 2 or 3.  Nora asks me all the time if it's really her.  We look that much alike.  It's crazy.  She is SO my mini me. 
Here's where I sit in my pink Ikea chair with the pillows that were in Nora's nursery.  I love those pillows. 
Here's where Pippa sits.  At my feet.

That's it.  Time to get to work.

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  1. Love your space! So cute! You would have to be super organized to keep everything straight. Thanks for sharing the pics!


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