Thursday, September 8, 2011


~having so much fun introducing all the new PaperDoll items.  If there is something you would like to see me carry please let me know!

~thinking about cutting my hair.  As in off.  A real hair cut.  I've got seriously long hair right now.  Nora keeps pointing out that it's longer than hers. I always deeply regret my hair cuts but what's a girl to do?  Cut.  Grow.  Cut.  Grow.  That's what we do, right?

~trying to come up with something to put on my new bracelet.  The hubs got me this for our anniversary and he's getting slightly perturbed that I haven't gone to have it engraved yet.  I can't decide what to put on it.  Thought about "ACTS TWENTY TWENTY-FOUR."  My favorite verse but it's too long to put the whole thing.  Thought about "3 Fabby Darlings" with Graham, Nora and Charlie written underneath.  That's the name of my other blog that I only post kid pics on.  Can't decide.  Any suggestions? 

~so happy that I have found the perfect bra.  If you are a boy (hi dad!) or if you need support, stop reading and skip to the next section.  If you are like me and cried all through high school (ok, I still do) at the two dreaded words "pool party" and  if you are still praying nightly that you will hit puberty...keep reading.  I bought one while on my girls' trip this summer and fell in love!!  It's actually a sports bra but I ordered one in every color and wear them everday...working out or not.  So super comfy.  So super affordable.  One of my new favorite things. LOVE.

~thinking about getting on the crock pot bandwagon that is sweeping Facebook.  Are you on it?  I need to get on some sort of cooking wagon...the meals over here are lacking. 

~dreading my Thursday afternoon.  Thursdays are ick for us.  Once I leave to pick up the kids from school we don't come home until after 7.  Cheerleading, soccer, soccer, hip hop.  Boys unhappy about going to cheer;  girl unhappy about going to soccer.  Ick.  At least it's our only CRAZY day of the week.

~LOVING the weather!!  Bye-Bye 114 degrees!!! Hello fall!!  I LOVE FALL!!

That's about it...

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