Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NEW Stocking Stuffer/Teacher Gifts RULE!!!

When I try out a new item and love it, it seriously gives me a PaperDoll High!! I run around the house harassing my kids and husband demanding that they look at the item (for a long time) and gush about how cute it is. These awesome rulers arrived on my doorstep today and I am loving them!!! They will make fabulous teacher gifts and stocking stuffers. These are not cheapy plastic rulers. They are heavy duty serious rulers. Everybody needs one!!!
The best part? $6!! You will love them!!!
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  1. Cute cute cute. My baby girl is so creative! Buy buy buy!

  2. Karen, I didn't see these rulers on your website to buy them. I need four of them for teachers. How do I order them on the website? So excited! Dindy Banzet


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