Friday, June 21, 2013

The Paper Dollhouse...Living Room Reveal

I can't begin to describe how much fun Nora and I have had with the dollhouse makeover!  It's been such a fun mommy-dot experience.  I hope she remembers this forever!  I will!  It's been so fun to see her personality come out with the colors she chose and we've had a blast trying to find little objects that we could use to make it look "just right."  We spent hours yesterday working on the living room.  It turned out so cute and she's already begging to move onto the next room.  
 Here's the BIG REVEAL!
We changed the wallpaper, "reupholstered" the furniture, printed some new rugs and repainted some pieces but we really didn't buy much at all. 
We found the yellow frame in the $1 bin at Michaels.  The "throw" blanket is a strip of fabric from Nora's sewing basket.  The "tile" in the fireplace, the "wallpaper" and the polka dot "fabric" on the furniture are all scrapbook paper.
 The puppy is a squinkie.  The tea set is one we've had for a long time and  Nora made the pillow from ribbon.
Look closely at the "chandelier!"  It works!!  It's a battery operated tea light wrapped in pretty trim. 
The "side table" is a cork Nathan and I had saved years ago because it had her name on it.
We put new pictures in the frames...scrapbook paper.
We bought mini magazines at Hobby Lobby and recovered this one with an image of an HGTV mag that we found online.   
I think our beloved Lalaloopsy will be very happy in her new digs. 
I'd love to move right in myself! 


We're taking a little DIY break but will be moving onto the bathroom reno in a day or two.  Watch for more big reveals this summer!!
Happy Weekend!!
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  1. Missy you are becoming creative like Mom! Glad you arn't following in my DIY steps. It is very cute. Is that your original doll house Karen? Dad would come home early to help me with it so we could have it ready for your birthday,or Christmas. I can't remember now.

  2. It's so cute!!! b

  3. so cute!! great job Nora!!

  4. This dollhouse looks fabulous!


  5. oh my--that is so adorable! Love the cork with her name on it!

  6. Oh my goodness that is the cutest dollhouse room I have ever seen. I have such a little crush on miniature things like this! I would love to be a cute little doll living there!

  7. Congrats!!! Your Dollhouse Makeover was one of my picks for our Sunday Features!! Thanks for linking up to Give Me the Goods Monday! You've been featured on all 4 of our blogs as well as our Party Pinterest Board. I LOVE that you and Nora did this together, what a fun project!! My favorite part is the NORA tiny side table, so on trend ;)
    So adorable. Hope you link up again :)

    1. Thank you, Amy!! So exciting!! The makeover has been so much fun!!

  8. 1) the cork
    2) lalaloopsy meets pbk. i love that. :)


  9. oh no!! I shouldn't have looked at this link. Now I have to go buy a dollhouse and get started on making it amazing with my daughter. This is the most amazing thing ever :)

  10. This is incredible. I want this doll house!!!!! I actually want it to be my house :)


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