Monday, July 1, 2013

The Paper DollHouse - Master Bedroom Reveal

I think this room might be our favorite.  It was harder to take pictures of because of the steps that lead downstairs from this room but I think you will get the point...
Nora wanted a grey, yellow and aqua master bedroom.  We tend to love the same colors.  LOVE this girl!!  She can decorate my bedroom any day!
My favorite thing in this room is that Anthropologie inspired grey ruffled bedspread.  I had the real deal on my wish list forever so I'm glad that our dollhouse people can at least enjoy one in a mini variety. 
I actually busted out the sewing machine for the yellow bedding.  I don't sew.  Don't look closely. 
The little sign over the bed was a frame we already had that we spray painted and then just printed off a little saying to go inside. 
The white frame is another $1 bin Michael's find with scrapbook paper inside. 
We had all the furniture but we did recover the lamp with ribbon trim.  The book was from Hobby Lobby but we recovered it to look like one of our favorite books...Little Women
The little cup of coffee was from Hobby Lobby too but we've had it for years. 
The chandelier is another battery operated tea light covered with ribbon and hung with a old necklace that I cut with wire cutters. 
The area rug is just a printed design from my computer. 
So there you have it....our favorite room so far.  I know after "wallpapering" this tiny room that I will NEVER hang actual wallpaper!!  It was killer trying to get all that chevron to match up!!

Next up if Nora has her way is the kitchen but I'm voting for the nursery which is the tiniest room in the house.  We'll see who wins that battle...

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  1. Other than the snuggles and lifetime of love, a dollhouse seems to be a perfectly acceptable reason to have a little girl to me right now! So cute!

  2. those of us who print things on paper can really create anything, can't we? for real. i LOOOOOOVE the dollhouse. mine is up above the cabinets in my kitchen with christmas lights in it to make it look like someone lives in it....only no one does. i loved the dollhouse before too. enjoy! i'll go look at the other rooms now. <3 u. :)

  3. I just love this! Selected you as a favorite again this week, had to share why I love your DollHouse project ;) Thanks for linking up and sharing your creativity!

    1. Thank you so much, Amy!! We've had so much fun!! We just got home from Michaels...we were shopping for the "craft room" makeover! I think it's up next :)

  4. Have you ever completed the house? Can't wait to see a kitchen!!

  5. My daughter and I LOVE all your dollhouse decor!! We are just starting to work on hers. What adhesive did you use for the "wallpaper" and did you put the hardwood floors down or did it come that way?

    1. Hi Mary! We used an Elmer's spray adhesive BUT I have noticed that some of the wallpaper is starting to pull away on the edges so I'll have to retouch and I'm not sure what I'll use. Our house already had the wood floors. We are planning on finishing the last 2 rooms next week during her spring break!!! :)


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